Sarah Vella-Labrador



If someone ever asks me to describe myself in three emojis here’s what I’ll say:

💃🏻 🤣  🌇

In a nutshell,

💃🏻 I grew up in the Bay Area which means I have a deep appreciation for E-40, and the dance floor is my comfort zone.

🤣 I ‘m always laughing. I’ve been told I have a great laugh, but then again someone said it sounds like a dying hyena. Tell me a joke and let’s figure this out once and for all.

🌇 This one has a double meaning. I like to think I’m a positive person hence the sunshine, and I’m a city gal with a fashion blog to prove it.

There you have it!

👋🏽 Sarah Kiana Marie Vella-Labrador