Sarah Vella-Labrador


 A collection of work I’ve created for vehicle launches and sales events.

The Return of a Legend, The 8 Series.

To celebrate the return of the pinnacle of the BMW collection, every detail of its launch, from the TV spot to banner ads, had to be as legendary as the 8 Series itself. Our creative was based on the fact that the 8 Series evokes more than the pull between the head and the heart, it ignites all your senses before you even step on the gas.

Above: An ad that rotated through different senses paralleled with notable features of the car.

Above: A Vanity Fair take over.

The Summer On Sales Event

Ah summer, the season of kicking back and tanning your left arm in the driver’s seat of a BMW.

bmw ads generic.001.jpeg
bmw ads generic.002.jpeg