Sarah Vella-Labrador
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New Venture Championship

New Venture Championship Competition

The New Venture Championship competition is a six-round business competition for graduate students presented annually by the Lundquist College of Business in Portland. 

To attract global graduate students and business leaders we created magazine wraps, signage, a new website, and bus wraps (TriMet Max).

Aside from out of home ads, I was tasked with editing, and drafting copy for the booklet that was handed out at the event. The booklet has 52 pages total outlining everything from where to eat in Portland to what to expect from each competition round. 

Agency: Allen Hall Advertising

Director: Stephany Hastings

Account Executive: Meg Meagher

Strategist Noah Wilskey

Art Directors:  Sam Rhine, Femke Paanakker

Copywriter: Sarah Vella-Labrador

Media Planners: Meredith Robinson, Libby Withers

Web Developer: Aaron Everly