Sarah Vella-Labrador

The Sage Sun

"You Can Be Comfortable Or Courageous, You Can Not Be Both"-Anonymous

Mmm comfortable…like a pair of fuzzy socks and a baggy t-shirt on a cold winter’s day. That sounds nice doesn’t it? It sounds routine, safe, something you may repeat every winter. I think being comfortable can also translate to laziness. When you are comfortable you simply go for what’s immediately in front of you, what has been planned, set in stone. But why does courage feel so scary?

Recently, I have been weighing my own scale of comfortability and courage. When I first started college I was preparing to be a Public Relations major, but I soon was drawn into the big colorful creative world of Advertising.

For a hot minute (or a few terms) I thought I could double major in both. I felt safe here in this space of double excellence thinking that I was saving myself from a bout of unemployment upon graduation. But the time came when I had to choose which major I would dedicate more time to, as splitting it was overwhelming and frankly, exhausting. So I chose to be courageous and pursue what felt exciting, and scary to me, Advertising. By letting go of one of my majors I felt uncomfortable and I reacquired my fear of unemployment as AD is a competitive field to break into. This was a moment of courage that most definitely has taken me out of my comfort zone, and so far so good. 

When I think about pushing myself to be more courageous it is uncomfortable. The idea of courage encompasses a lot of things before it can be executed. In my mind I think you need to have a plan and a course of action to direct your form of courage. But is that a true form of courage? Is courage defined by it’s pre-requisites or it’s gutsy moment of being bold and putting yourself out there?


Sarah Vella-Labrador