Sarah Vella-Labrador

The Sage Sun

"Whenever you are struggling, the answer is always To breathe"- Mantra from Tiny Devotions


In the past few days of what I use to call “silly week”, aka the first week of every term when there is no homework, I have been breathing a lot. Silly week is now “start stressing” week. This term I am so excited for my own personal growth as a copywriter. I am in classes that will challenge me and demand me to arrive. Beautiful word manipulation is not enough. I need to be clever, constantly observing and learning, and focusing on my end game after graduation. This term Winter 2016 (yes I almost wrote 2015…) will hopefully help develop my portfolio and as always strengthen my writing.

Within all this stress, excitement, and expectations there lives a young innocent flame of hope within me. I am hoping I get to go to New York this year with some of the selected AD students. I keep getting the inkling to travel. I have always been drawn to big cities, but New York is a dream land all on its own. The trip with my classmates always happens in Spring. You know what else happens in Spring? Flowers bloom, I turn 21, and the sun blesses Oregon with its presence. Spring is easily my favorite term (and season) and New York will most likely be one of my favorite cities.

It is always good to remind yourself whether you are stressed out or not to simply breathe. Inhale the moment with your breathe, cherish it for a second, and let it go.

Thank you for reading.

Sarah Vella-Labrador