Sarah Vella-Labrador

The Sage Sun

Intentions & the New Year

          Today I had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend who I went to UO with. After he graduated he moved to California, now has on the move again. He is now moving to Vegas to start a new chapter of his life. He is moving just in time to welcome in the new year in a new place. I really admire my friend for his ability to se a dream, a goal, or an emotion and work towards it to make it happen within a reasonable amount of time. He always follows his intuition and in turn leads an exciting, and from what I can tell, a rewarding life. This is one thing I hope to adopt as the new year rolls in (especially after graduation).  

          We ran into my cousin and she recommended I show my friend the view from the top of the College of San Mateo’s parking lot. Ps. It didn’t disappoint. On such a clear beautiful sunny day you could feel what my friend described as, “the opportunity in the air”. It was weird to think how many people live in this small span of land but it was easy to see why it’s so expensive. It’s gorgeous. Perhaps the opportunity in the air is the cold breeze of Silicon Valley mixed with the reverberation of airplanes departing and landing on the SFO landing strip; each cabin holding even more people waiting to feel the California air. A plaque next to the view honored the class of 1967 read, “Gateway to Achievement”. I guess from up here everyone can feel the opportunity in the air. It’s an undeniably beautiful view that I will miss when break is over.

           This lookout point left me thinking about the year ahead, and the goals I want to set for myself. One goal I strive to achieve is enjoying the present. It sounds cliché, and it might have been a resolution I tried to obtain last year, but I want to really utilize it this year. I think most of my life I have been the anxious one that plans and plans to ensure a smooth ride. But now, I want to just enjoy the place and the pace I’m moving at. I want to be mindful of wherever I am and how the place makes me feel. I have so much love for my city, but if I end up somewhere else after college I don’t want to constantly be yearning for San Francisco. I want to live in the moment and enjoy it yah know?

            I have a few more resolutions I want to focus my energy towards but today the “be here now” mentality really hit me.  Life is short (a realization I have every time I visit my dads spot in the cemetery) and we have to enjoy every moment. But you already know that, so here’s a little reminder. Enjoy every second of it. Happy holidays to everyone! Comment one of your resolutions below!

Sarah Vella-Labrador