Sarah Vella-Labrador

The Sage Sun

The Poetry of the Rhythm

It started out with me studying. I was listening to a study playlist on Spotify while I dissected a required reading for my Philosophy class. Maybe that's why I was feeling so spiritual. Then this happened as the song played on and the rain beat the window next to me. 

the soul leaks but tears, she calls to leave her cage, to break free explore the world. see what watercolors paint the surface, what emotions evoked direction. what is caged is limited. the life of a free bird. the eyes may take in all they can. the ruffle of sweet warm summer air in her wings. she took off, left behind the shelter she once called home. she dove deep then climbed high into the mystic sunset of the evening. she forged her path into the night and when dawn arose so did she. Up she flew. air trifling her feat. the majestic notion of the world unknown called her in every direction. she settled to the North and in the eve that came she flew close to the North star. outstretched wings she touched the star, her faith solidified as she circled it, the glow of the star twinkled in her spirit. her wings glistened in the night as she flew slow and rhythmic around it. for all she had left behind she made it to the stars. she did not fall short to the parallels of the elements and found her way. the path unknown at times. This was what she longed for, the feeling of freedom, the world below her elegantly twirling into the night 


This was a rapid fire moment of writing. I did not sensor, I did not spell check. Sometimes it's very freeing to free write. Instantaneous, the moment a word pops into your head you go with it, no questions asked. I went where they rhythm took me..

The story of a bird who leaves her cage to find the night sky. Maybe I am the bird waiting to break free. Maybe it's just a moment. 

Sarah Vella-Labrador