Sarah Vella-Labrador

The Sage Sun

One of My Favorite Feelings

When Tuesday morning feels like a Sunday morning.


Wake up slow, just as the suns rays reach up to the sky so do you. Stretch, Inhale, Breathe. Stay in bed a few minutes longer, orient yourself. This is another morning. Another opportunity. A new day you are about to embark on.


Feel the warmth your body has made in bed all night as you slept there peacefully. Be attentive as your body wakes up, restoring energy and movement to the limbs. Notice the slow breath you breathe when your eyes finally flicker open. The moment of stillness before you check to see the time and are enveloped into the world again. Plans made, places to be.


But here in this bed, is your first moment to yourself. The world can linger a little longer as you rollover and stretch. 

Sarah Vella-Labrador