Sarah Vella-Labrador

The Sage Sun

Beat the Winter Wardrobe Blue's

Coming from California nothing feels colder than Winters in Oregon! Boy can I tell you it has been pretty dang cold. I remember when my mom came down for Thanksgiving to stay with me I felt so bad for her because the temp for the week was 25 degrees!  Recently, I have been getting very bored with my daily routine of jeans or sweatpants (Semi styled of course!) and layers upon layers to keep me warm everyday. I really miss wearing dresses and other cute clothes usually reserved for warmer weather. So the other day I put this together and topped it with a Maroon Peacoat and I was warm enough in this 47 degree weather!

Confession, the dress actually belongs to my stylish roommate and so does the scarf! In fact I got her this adorable blanket scarf from for Christmas. The dress has a polished and professional vibe to it and I love that the sleeves are three quarter length. It is from Forever 21 the tights are from Nordstrom, just plain black, nothing special! The boots have an inch stacked heel on the back and some hip detail up the back. Picture three leather straps across the spine of the boot used for fashion, not functionality. The boots are Arturo Chang and I got them a few years ago from TJ Max for a steal! The purse was a great find at Forever 21 a year ago, it's very big and is a color spin on the large tote bag trend. 

Overall, I got lots of great comments on my outfit throughout the day and I stayed warm! I felt pretty polished myself with my hair in a bun and I really enjoyed this outfit and wanted to share a fun outfit idea to break up the winter wardrobe blues! Happy Day! Thanks for reading!

Sarah Vella-Labrador