Sarah Vella-Labrador

The Sage Sun

Perspective Check

Recently, as my other blog post references, I have been so stressed like any other student. There comes a point in each term where you feel like you have no time to breathe or appreciate the little things. Now, this may echo depression but it's not, it's just a few weeks of grinding so hard that you have to cast aside things in order to get to the place you where you are demanding yourself to be.

Yet with all that being said I realized something just a moment ago. Despite what we each go through days on end to make the cuts, and define the cut by becoming better there are far worse things going on than having the fire lit beneath you. 

I just saw an extremely emotional post on someone's Instagram of how they lots their mother today. Immediately I was summoned back to the precise moment in my past when I found out my father suffered the same fate.

As a tear falls down my face I am reminded that I am alive. Even though it feels like everything is pulling me apart these past few weeks with school and other engagements, I have this moment. We must find ways to rejoice in the mess that sometimes may be our life, for a moment, a few weeks, or years. But we have this moment, this day, and for this we must be grateful. 

Sarah Vella-Labrador