Sarah Vella-Labrador

The Sage Sun

A Proactive Approach to the Week

It's week 10, and if you know a college student or you are one yourself you know week 10 is all out absolute shit. Pardon my language here but man oh man does it go down in week 10. Week 10 is so crazy because finals are next week for all your classes. You stay up late studying, trying to focus, organizing your life and worrying. Week 10 is something else. 

I am about to embark on my week 10, and after last week I desperately need to make a positive change for this week. I am committing myself to make my week 10 great to the best of my abilities. Here is how:

1. Change my perspective. When I feel stressed and upset about everything I have to do I want to reflect purposefully on the fact that I am lucky enough to go to college and have learned to multitask.

2. Eat a bit better. Even though week 10 is prime junk food time due to its convenience and flavor I want to be able to sustain myself and support my workouts with wholesome food. This means ignoring campus food such as Chipotle, Panda and every other joint I pass on my walk home.

3. Carve out some "me" time. I often feel bad when I read books outside of text books. I feel like if I have spare time and feel like reading it should be some of my required readings. But I will try to force that feeling back in order to relieve some stress and physically force myself to enjoy some time of the day.

These three things along with drinking more water (than coffee...) are goals I always have in the back of my mind and maybe week 10 is the perfect time to bring them forward. I will start my week now, on this Sunday night. I have had the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz on my nightstand for sometime and I really have been wanting to dive into it. So now before bed might be the perfect time.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week, whether it's week 10 or just another week. :)

Sarah Vella-Labrador