Sarah Vella-Labrador

The Sage Sun

People and Pixels


"Imagine spending your whole life like this..." 

Looking down. Never enjoying the sky. Never embracing the social aspect of being out and about, only indulging in the term social, in terms of social media.  Has the world become a place where the key to avoidance is in the palm of our hand? We disconnect, reconnect, as we please but yet most of our digitally native lives we spend in the loop. The loop that does not exist int reality but lives in a cognitive social aspect of our mind. Engaging means liking, viewing, posting. Not talking, making eye contact, or smiling. 


The other night my friends and I were congregated at one of the best Pokestops in all of the land, just kidding, but for real you can hit 3 Pokestops from one corner and the street alone is lined with lures. As I was walking towards my car I paused for a second as an older woman reached for the drivers side door. A young man she was with asked her if it was her car, she insisted angrily as she fumbled with my door. Luckily my alarm didn’t go off as the man tried to usher her away. Glancing up she saw me and stated loudly, “Imagine spending your whole life like this,”  she thrusted her palm out and hovered low over her hand. 


For some reason as the days pass her words linger in my mind sharp with guilt. What she said rings true to so many of us that were at that Pokestop. Even before the addicting game hit the app store we all spent our days addicted to pixels. Will there ever be a more compelling moment in our lives to glance up and enjoy the ever changing scenery of the real world?

Sarah Vella-Labrador