Sarah Vella-Labrador
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Social Posts

A collection of posts and interactive stories I’ve made for Cheetos and Xfinity.


Compliment Day

My AD, Neha Guria, and I created Cheeto’s first interactive Instagram story. The story cycles through tons of compliments from Chester, tap and hold to see your compliment. The story set a new bar for engagement for Cheetos.

Cheetos Social Posts


When Chester’s not busy slinging out compliments, he’s busy tweeting and Instagramming for his loyal followers. Here are few of my favorite social posts I created.


Xfinity Social Posts

Stay At Home Athletes

These posts celebrate the fact that sometimes you get so involved in a show or movie, it brings out your inner athlete. Suddenly, you find yourself leaping over the couch to make it back right before a commercial break ends, or jumping up and down in excitement.

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Streaming Situations

We’ve all been there, you’re seven episodes into your favorite show when suddenly you realize in you’re in the weirdest position humanly possible, aka a Streaming Situation. Along with creating the positions and accompanying post copy, I also helped art direct this shoot as well.

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“Greetings From” Cards

A postcard series that plays off of all the places content takes you without even leaving the couch.

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License to Watch

Ever wondered what kind of cars your favorite characters would drive? Me too, so I imagined what modes of transportation some of the most popular characters from the quarter would use. Working with an AD, we then created visual clues along with clues in post copy to help fans guess in the comments who these cars and bikes belonged to.

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