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Source One Serenity

Source One Serenity

Source One Serenity is a non-profit organization created by veterans for veterans. Source One Serenity teaches fellow veterans the healing properties of fly-fishing and conducts conservation work hosting retreats across Oregon. 

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Radio Spot:

Stand too soldiers! (Sergeant shouts)

Grab your gear and head to the river!

If you have ever wanted to try something new or wanted to reconnect with fellow veterans attend Source One Serenity’s fly fishing retreats. Founded by Rusty Linger, a veteran, knows first hand the healing powers of fly fishing and conservation work. Find us on the North Umpqua River in Roseburg Or.

Source One Serenity: Teaching veterans the therapeutic properties of fly fishing,

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Facebook Video Script:

Opening Establishing shot:

Doctor's office 7:30 am

Therapist and Frank (elder patient)

Camera zooms in slowly on Frank: “It’s been difficult. Lately I have been losing sleep, my mind keeps racing. Everytime I close my eyes I’m no longer in my bed, I’m right back out on the field…I can hear it too (he says quietly).

Cut to Therapist: “I can imagine this is frustrating for your Frank. How do you feel about your racing mind?”

Cut to Frank: Frank stares at the young therapist annoyed as he takes a deep breath. (Background noise of Frank breathing heavily as the therapist questions him, “Frank?”)

Cut to Frank getting ready to enter the  River. (He looks down as he enters the water and then back up again at the trees).

Cut to a shot of Frank in the doctor's office blankly staring at the wall.

Cut to the Therapist: “Frank?”

Cut back to Frank at the river as he nods his hat at his fellow Source One Serenity fishers. “Morning Rusty, how are we doing today?”

Cut to Rusty: “Doing well thanks, just caught a nice Coho. How about you?” , Rusty shouts from the depths of the rive smiling.

Cut to Frank's face, “Better. Glad to be here this morning, thank you for inviting me” Frank says as he pulls his arm back preparing to cast.

Closing shot fades to black

Source One Serenity logo appears with tagline below and  URL

Creative Team:

Art Director/Photographer: Will Nielsen

Copywriter: Sarah Vella-Labrador